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Mon, Mar. 12th, 2007, 04:10 pm
Untimely Demise

Dear Mofos,

As you've noticed, I've been writing here less and less frequently.

What spurned me to write at all was the freedom I had to draw on my personal experience, create an exaggerated persona from it (RacHIV, obvs), and receive feedback not only from those who know me, but more interestingly, from those who don't at all but were still compelled to read.

But, sadly, the character of "RacHIV" was not apparent to everyone... and, consequently, RacHIV began to reflect on my personal character.

You can imagine what this could do to my professional life. The fuckdamn character's name mocks AIDS sufferers for goodnes sake.

However, I was a naive, carefree college student when I began RacHIV, and faced little consequences should she ever be discovered. But, as I developed the blog, I became increasingly expository, and unfortunately, in this day and age, to do so it to commit professional suicide.

So, unless you all want to support me (a modest yearly income of $28,000, no benefits), I'll have to have to desist the RacHIV provocations.

This also necessistates my privatizing all previous entries (not even LJ friends can see them now), which I am very sorry for.

I'd love to start another iteration of "RacHIV" in some other forum. Of course, if I were to link to that here, it'd only be traced back to me.

Since I have a sitemeter, I am aware of the few diehards who visit semi-regularly, and appreciate your doing so. I'd very much wet myself at any comments/suggestions you have for a Phoenix rising from the RacHIV dust. Comments to this my last entry or emails to i_am_rachiv@livejournal.com will be happily and compulsively received.

Goodbye RacHIV... Perhaps Crotchel will supercede you.

Salut for now.